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SalinaTrip is a Travel Agent who was born in March, 2011 as a provider of online services Tickets (domestic & international), Train tickets, hotel vouchers, Travel Package, as well as Hajj & Umrah Packages.

Proven, reliable and trustworthy serve millions Client. You can find our offers of cheap Voucher Tickets.
Only Salina Trip that provide services and offer the most complete and best, from Pulse Electric, PLN prepaid vouchers, hotel vouchers, train tickets, domestic and international Air Tickets, Hajj & Umrah packages.

Competitive world of tourism and travel very tight at this time, that makes us think an interesting holiday activities. We cooperate with Anak Laut Diving provider, accompanied by experienced instructors. We also provide Backpacker packages for teenagers and traveler who likes adventure.

Salina Tour & Travel are always trying to give the highest quality of services.
Entrusting your itinerary to Salina Tour & Travel, then you will get our best.

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